'Tis the Season For Giving

The holiday season is upon us...
and our hearts are filled with cheer!
All of the teacher-authors here at Blog Hoppin' had a blast giving
away some amazing prizes during our
"Friends-Giving" Instagram Hop...
And we wanted to continue the giving!
One of our very favorite sponsors, Hue Animation Studios/Document Cameras, is generously donating some amazing products for us to give-away!
(Click on the pic above to learn more about the HUE HD PRO!)
We are giving away not one...but TWO of their amazing HUE HD PRO Document Cameras!!! 
One for YOU... and ONE for you to give to a friend!
(BTW.. Almost all of us have one of these amazing tech tools in our classrooms and we LOVE them!!! They are super easy to use and super durable, as well as student-friendly!)
Here's how the give-away will work:
1. You enter the Rafflecopter below.
2. Wait for the winner to be chosen on Dec. 6th.
3. Find out you're the winner and do a happy dance!
4. Take one Hue HD PRO Document camera for yourself....
give the other to a friend! 
What a fun way to keep the giving going during the holiday season!

Can't wait for the give-away to end before snagging one of these little beauties for yourself....or perhaps a teacher-friend for Christmas???
No problem! 
HUE has generously offered us a discount code to offer our blog followers!  Simply go to www.huehd.com, fill your cart, and enter the code "Give16" to receive 10% off your order!
Don't delay!  This special discount code expires on December 5th!
 and Happy Holidays
from the crew here at Blog Hoppin'!


  1. I would love to use this Doc Cam for my iPad in the library (when Apple TV doesn't mirror the exact buttons when teaching the Green Screen app) and for students to create stop-motion Lego videos!

  2. I would love to use this document camera at home and home to create videos, review material ,and keep my kids engaged.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wow! I would use it with my TV production team at school. We do the morning news and we desperately need some new equipment!

  5. I would ABSOLUTELY love this document camera in my classroom. It would help my students be able to use their communication skills to share their work easily with the class. The students would absolutely love this!!!

  6. I would use the doc cam to show my students examples of stellar work! My fingers are crossed! Happy Holidays!

  7. OH my gosh!! I do not have a document camera and the possibilities are endless!! You could use them for math, reading and even science!! What a great giveaway!!

  8. I would use this to allow students to demonstrate their work and to teach new concepts....so many possibilities!

  9. You all are too generous! Showcasing student work!
    The Small Group Room

  10. I'm moving to a new building with very little technology and not much budget so I would use it in class to show work and teach lessons!

  11. This would be a great way to integrate technology for my students to use to showcase their work!

  12. This would be awesome! Love all the possibilities!

  13. I'd love to use it to give example work pieces and to have my students share their family projects up on the big screen for all to see!

  14. These look so cool. Does the software come as a download too? Our computers don't have disc drives anymore.

  15. So many possibilities. One of my favorite - letting a student show a worked math problem and explain how he/she solved the problem...

  16. Those are nice looking cameras. Sooo cute. I want to have a pink one.


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